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Updated on 05/01/2021

By signing the agreement as follows, you enter into a contractual relationship with the Independent Mines and Minerals Commission for the use of the Electronic Declaration services. You agree to all of the following terms and conditions and also confirm that you are the holder of the rights and obligations under this contract.


ELECTRONIC DECLARATIONS is an information system designed to support the fulfillment of royalty obligations and provide information on royalty payments and other obligations to the ICMM.

Electronic Declaration SERVICES means the electronic services provided by the ICMM to the ‐ declarant for the submission and processing of license application statements and the provision of ancillary services associated with the payment of money owed by the PM ICMM declarant;

ICMM is the Independent Media and Minerals Commission;

USER is a person who holds a license including a natural person or legal entity, or their authorized agent or legal representative, who registers as a subscriber in the electronic system of Electronic Declaration and uses the system to fulfill the obligations to the ICMM.


The ICMM Electronic Declaration website provides users with access to and use of the Electronic Declaration services. This includes but is not limited to: access to electronic support services to assist in the assessment of royalty obligations, fulfillment of obligations to the Institution and account management; opportunities to enter data online; and account information.
You are obliged to use this website legally. You are solely responsible for recognizing and enforcing any or all of the laws, regulations, rules and regulations relating to your use of the Electronic Declaration.

By signing these terms and conditions, you expressly agree that you will not:
• Use this site for illegal activities, or to encourage third parties to do so
• Sell or transfer to this site any given advertisement, with promotional or similar content, or discriminatory, derogatory, obscene, pornographic or other illegal material;
• Misrepresent or play the role of any other person or entity, or represent any person or entity for whom you do not have the legal right to such presentation or representation
• Transmit data or electronic information that contains computer viruses, Trojan horses, or other destructive computer codes, or files or programs that may alter, damage, or interfere with the operation of this site, software, computer hardware, or any other third party software. Access this site;
• Modify, damage or delete any content provided or existing on this site;
• Deliberately disrupt or interrupt the normal flow of communication in any direction in between
• users and these websites;
• Interfere with or infringe on the intellectual property rights of third parties; or
• Collect or store personal information about other people on this website.

ICMM grants users the right to view, download and print content from the ICMM Electronic Declaration, for the purpose of accessing and using the Electronic Declaration services, provided that this content is used only by the User for personal, educational or not commercial. Reproduction or any other form of distribution of the contents of the Electronic Declaration is not allowed.


The ICMM Electronic Declaration is limited to registered users. As a registered user, you agree that you will not misuse any username or password, nor will you attempt to log in unauthorized. To become a registered user of this website, you must be at least 18 years old, and you must follow the registration procedures set out by the ICMM and published on the ICMM website. If these conditions are not met, you may not be able to access the information in the field of Electronic Declaration system registration or use the mbështetjen line support or electronic services from the website.

Security, protection and privacy

When entering into a contractual relationship with the ICMM., You must undertake to protect and prevent unauthorized access to your password and digital token. You will be liable for any damages either directly or indirectly caused by an authorized or unauthorized third party using your access to this site. The ICMM guarantees the highest possible level of security measures to ensure the reduction of the risk of unauthorized access, modification and data loss. You should inform the ICMM menjëherë immediately if you encounter any irregularities regarding security or protection.

The ICMM will take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of the user 's personal information.
The ICMM may electronically collect, organize, store and use the personal information of users as follows:
• Name, surname and fiscal number;
• Contact numbers and postal and physical address;
• email address
• IP address;
• Username and password selected; and
• Tax information.

• The ICMM collects, stores and uses the information mentioned above for the following purposes:

• To communicate with the user;
• Providing user access to the restricted pages of this site; and
• Review of statements and statements


The ICMM may, under its special powers, terminate or temporarily block access to and use of this website without prior notice and for any reason. This termination or suspension may result from a breach of the terms and conditions, or any other conduct that the ICMM, in its particular jurisdiction, deems unlawful or harmful to others. In case of cancellation, you will no longer have authorized access to the Electronic Declaration but you will also be subject to all legal requirements and obligations to meet your obligations to the ICMM.

As a user, you can cancel or terminate your Electronic Declaration account at any time. If you decide to do so, you must immediately submit your digital token to the ICMM office. If you choose to terminate your relationship with an authorized agent acting on your behalf, you are responsible for informing the ICMM of the termination of this relationship and, if necessary, obtaining your digital token from that agent. You remain responsible for the digital token and any consequences associated with its use until the time you return the digital token to the ICMM.

Links to other websites

Any links to other websites provided on the ICMM website are intended to be useful to users. These links do not constitute a signature of the ICMM product, services or information, and do not include any link between the ICMM and the operators of these linked sites. When you link to any other site, you are required to comply with the terms and conditions set forth by their operator and which apply to these external sites.


You are legally obliged to complete the statements as required by law. The ICMM will treat all submitted statements and documents as final documents by the time you submit the amended document. The ICMM reserves the right (but not the obligation) to delete, remove or modify any encumbrance that violates these terms and conditions. State and international copyright laws protect the contents of these websites, so be sure to respect all copyright indications on this site.

Exclusion of guarantees

You specifically agree that your use of this website and any of its content is at your own risk. The ICMM will strive to ensure the uninterrupted and easy operation of the Electronic Declaration site, but the ICMM and its employees do not guarantee that this site will operate without interruption, without problems or errors. To the extent permitted by law, this warranty is excluded, and there is no other inclusion or other warranties or conditions, including warranties and conditions of legal error, adequacy of normal use and fit for the intended purpose.

Exemption from liabilities

In any case, the ICMM and its employees will not be liable for accidental, indirect, special, punitive or logical damages that may result from your use, or without the ability to use this website, including , but without limitation, lost revenue or projected gains, loss of goodwill, loss of business, loss of data, computer malfunction or malfunction, or other harmful moments.


The ICMM reserves the right to periodically change the functioning of the Electronic Declaration system, as well as these terms and conditions in order to improve its effectiveness and ease of use. These changes will always be published through the ICMM system. Any change will become effective from the moment it is published in the Electronic Declaration system, unless otherwise provided. Your continued use of the Electronic Declaration system information as these changes signal your acceptance of these changes. We encourage you to review the terms and conditions periodically to make sure you are aware of and meet these rules.

Legal provisions

These terms and conditions have the nature of a contract. Any dispute regarding this contractual relationship will be resolved by the competent court in Prishtina.